BEST laptop cooler .

whats the best laptop cooler for a 17in laptop

theres 2 iv been looking at

the first has a single 200 mm fan in the middle like so

and the other has 3 120 mm fans in the middle going across
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    theres s a massive 220 mm fan with a 100 cfm rating on high
  2. hmmm must have missed that one thanks, biggest fan highest cfm (i think) best or cose to it.

    i figured the 200+ fans would be quieter than the 120s but i looked all over the place and didnt find anything bout the triple 120 mm fans cfm but dam that one you posted is practically double what some of the others where.
  3. thanks for the help ill tell you how it works out.
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  5. I would recommend you try this. It is the best thing that ever happened to a laptop cooling. It is versatile.
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