Don't know which Asus to chose! please help!

I'm currently stuck between buying a G60JX-Rbb05 or a G72GX-Rbb05. Which do you think will perform better while gaming. The key differences are the G60 has the core i5, ddr3 ram and a 7200rpm HDD. The g72 has the better graphics card and 2 more gigs of ram, but the ram is ddr2. Please let me know what you guys think of the two, they're just so similar I don't know what to chose! thanks again!

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  1. The links do not work. What are the respective GPU's?
  2. buwish said:
    The links do not work. What are the respective GPU's?

    I fixed the links, sorry about that I had a retard moment.
  3. I'd shoot for the G60JX RBBX05. Even though it is refurbished, it is definitely the superior of the two hardware wise and should do fine for medium setting gaming.
  4. Yea? despite the G72GX having the better GPU?
  5. The 360m is slightly better than the 260m (take a look at the benchmarks in my sig). Plus, the i5 will give you better performance over the p8700.
  6. Seems the GTX 260m is better than the GTS 360m but not by much. Thanks a lot for the help man and 1 more question do you think the lower res on the g60jx will make much of a difference in image quality?
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