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I used to use Motherboard Monitor to keep track of my CPU and case temperatures, and now that I got my new motherboard (Biostar M7NCD) and reconfigured MBM, the temps seem off. It always reads my case temp. to be higher than my processor temp, and they are both unreasonable so I wanted to know...

Are there any programs similar to Motherboard Monitor that I could try?

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  1. <b><A HREF="" target="_new"><font color=red>Speedfan</A></b></font color=red>
  2. Well this question is either a Software question... or it is a Motherboard question... we have forums for both of these things. I am not really sure if it directly pertains to CPUs though, oh well, its answered now.
  3. Yea, it is a question pertaining to the temperature of the CPU, so it's kind of both. I'll check out SpeedFan
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  6. It's probably that MBM is incorrectly identifying your sensors. You can manually alter them, but have to play till it looks right. My mobo (Asus K8N-E) wasn't even out when MBM got it's last update, but I have it working fine.
  7. I guess it was installed right (MBM that is), because now my CPU reads at 47 degrees C which sounds right, but my case says 52 and that just can't be right. I only recently switched processors, so my case temp. should not have risen from 30-40-something to 52. I just want it to read right so I can overclock this bad boy.
  8. You can change the sensor for the case in settings. It's just that MBM picked the wrong one.
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