Prep PC for a new 754 cpu?

Hi all I was wondering today, do i have to prep my computer for the changes i am making to it? Do I have to flash the bios or anything so there is no conflict? Will I have to do anything to prepare my pc for the new cpu, ram and power supply? Thanks!
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  1. Uhhhhh what changes are you making?
  2. whoops lol

    I am chaning my amd cpu from a amd 64 +3000 to a amd 64 +3700, putting in a new power supply and a one gig stick of ram is being inserted intot he last slot for ram sticks.
  3. You may be prompted to hit F1 to get into the bios and save settings the first boot-up. But no other changes should be necessary, unless the board doesn't like the new memory. Then you'll get random beeps at startup.
  4. Are you populating all three dimm slots? This is known to cause problems with s754 on die memory controllers.
  5. Well yea i have 2 512s in 2 slots now and i bought a gig stick to put in the last one. what could the problem possibly be? I would hate to have to return it. Let em know :)
  6. could you possible explain what the proble would be when i put the 3rd stick in?
  7. The odmc can have problems with the third slot. Sometimes it will drop the mem bus, sometimes it wont boot. It is more drastic with larger sticks, so try with the 1 gig stick in the slot closest to the chip.
    I should add that everyone is not affected, so keep your fingers crossed.
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