HP 3800 color text problem

Hello everyone,

I have this HP 3800 color laserjet printer at work I'm trying to fix. The issue is with printing color text. A line of text will print in a certain color about 80% of the way through, and then the color fades to a lighter shade (or just a lighter color). Now, I have tried to do a "Quick Calibration" and a "Full Calibration", and that didn't work. Certain colors, such as yellow, black, and red will print just fine, but colors like green, blue, or purple will have this color issue. The fading occurs in the same general regions but it differs a little bit everything time I print a page. The print preview by the way looks fine.

Am I looking at an ink cartridge issue, or there is something more complicated that I need to look into?

Thanks for your time.
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  1. Green blue purple all use the same color shades, I'm guessing your blue toner cartridge is bad.
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