My hp pavilion dv6000 laptop computer is not booting up properly its going strai

my hp pavilion dv6000 laptop computer is not booting up properly its going straight to the setup screen what could be the problem
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  1. About a million things could be the problem. We are going to have to narrow it down a bit. Although if it turns out to be a hardware problem the solution is almost certainly going to be to send it out to get fixed.

    If you feel like troubleshooting you'll have to be more specific. Which setup screen are you talking about? Has the laptop had any software updates/changes recently? Did you recently drop it or spill anything on it? Has it been acting funny in any other way over the past few weeks?
  2. If your laptop is under warranty the first thing that I would suggest is getting in touch with HP. They should be able to give you directions on getting your laptop fixed.

    If you are out of warranty I would first suggest checking your ram and hard drive for errors using software such as Memtest . You may also try replacing the ram if you have any extra laying around or know somebody that does. The worst case scenario would be that you will need a replacement DV6000 Motherboard

    If you do not feel comfortable with this I would suggest you search Google maps for a HP authorized repair shop, they should be able to further assist you.

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