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Dell U2711 @ 2560 x 1440 with GTX 580 performance?


I'm looking to get the Dell U2711 mainly for pro 3D animation/image & video editing work because of its IPS panel and the massive 2560 x 1440 resolution.

I'm just curious as to how much of a performance hit I would get, playing Skyrim for example at this higher res compared to 1080p.

My GPU is an EVGA GTX 580 with 3GB VRAM and hoping the extra pixels will be taken care of by the above average amount of VRAM on this card.

I don't even know if the response time of the Dell would be fast enough to game on but would be nice to put my GPU to the test!

I welcome any opinions.

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  1. For Skyrim a 10ms difference in response time doesn't really matter, the game just isn't that precise. Keep i mind the u2711 has a rt of 24ms which is 1/40th of a second, that's not bad.

    Anyway I run Skyrim with two 580s in sli (1.5 gb though) on a 2560x1440 monitor. It's really cpu bound more than gpu bound, and I'd expect you'd get somewhere around 30 fps. I'll try disabling SLI and see what I get.
  2. Right. 24ms seems like alot tho...but if i wont notice it in Skyrim im not too worried.

    Since my original post I have become more interested in the Samsung S27A850D PLS monitor. Coz it looks awesome. I don't know how accurate this is, but the sammy is reported to have just a 5ms rt.

    Thanks for the trouble ur going to to test the theory. What kind of CPU have you? Mine is a i7 860 which I plan to overclock, prob when I get my new display.
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    Response time is not the same as input lag. There are plenty of 2ms response time monitors with 25 ms of input lag. I think the u2711's rt is closer to 8ms.

    From most reviews Samsung PLS tech has some pretty awful backlight bled. I'd avoid it.

    Anyway, in skyrim with a single 580gtx 4x aa and the settings above "high" but under "max" I average around 40 fps, and never get below 30. With 2 580s in sli, I average around 52, and never drop below 35.

    FYI I have an hp zr2740, which has a response time of 12ms and input lag of around 10ms. It's very quick responding but has a bit of motion blur.

    How can it have a lag of less than it's response time you ask? First, I think response time it there and back, lag is just there. Second, lag is measured relative to a crt, which has a lag of 8 (due to the scanning of the electron gun), but no one ever factors that into their reviews.
  4. Thanks for the detailed explanation, MagicPants.

    You say the Samsung PLS has awful backlight bleed? Damn, thats frustrating - just when I thought I had found the best. It may just be specific to the region and batch though, I have not heard any serious complaints of this display in Australia (where I am).

    Can you recommend something that will rival the S27A850D PLS?

    I was ready to order one of these on monday! :/

    Thanks again.
  5. Ok, I have narrowed it down to (probably) the "HP ZR2740W" IPS or the above mentioned "Samsung S27A850D" PLS.

  6. Wait a month, both Asus and LG showed new 27" IPS panels at CES, and Dell is likely to have a u2712 out soon.

    Honestly, I can't recommend the zr2740w just because it has a ridiculously aggressive AR coating. If you know what AR coating is, and you've seen it, and you're okay with double the normal amount, get a zr2740w.

    The dell u2711 is the only 27" panel I haven't heard of anyone regretting buying. 24ms of lag really isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things, sure it's 14ms more than the very fastest panels, but it's not the only source of lag (get a wired mouse if you hate lag.) Overall, most systems have 80ms or so of total lag, so 14ms isn't a huge deal.

    I've also owned a 26" Planar px2611. It's a great 26" monitor at 1920x1200, but mine died after 2 years, so it's a risk.
  7. You make a valid argument. However after extensive research I still think the Samsung is the way to go, providing there is no significant backlight bleed in the unit I recieve.

    I can't ignore your logic in waiting though, so I will do some further reading on the yet to be released Asus and LG models.

    Thing is, I have heard we won't see the Asus (not sure yet about the LG) for quite a while here in Australia and I really need a better solution to my current 27" TN (I know, I know - what was I thinking!?) for colour intensive work very soon.

    Regarding the crazy thick coating, well I have heard there are certain issues here with the U2711 that I definately want to avoid so it's really not an option.

    Thanks for all of the informed advice, MagicPants!
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