Good Suggestions For Claw Grip

Hey All,

Not sure if this was asked anywhere but Im in the process of trying to find a decent gaming mouse. I just a claw grip and my hands arent huge but theyre not to small. Palm to middle finger is around 7 inches if that helps haha.

Iv seen a ton of talk about the deathadder and a ton of logitech ones but notthing about them is said to make me think they are worth it.

I am well aware taht a mouse is all about preference and if I could try them all out I would but input is always an amazing thing too.

Any advice or any lead that would help me would be amazing.

I have been considering the razer abyssus but i feel that it looks a bit flimsy but the price is good. My price range is a max of like 60$ and all that really concerns me is comfort and 3600 dpi.

Thank you all in advance! :)
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  1. Forgot to add that I am considering the logitech G9X. It doesnt seem huge which is somethgn that Im looking for.
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