How to trace stolen laptop via serial number

i have my hp laptop pavilion dv6 beats audio. that was stolen on 17 dec from my room how to trace it.....?
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  1. Unless you had some sort of tracking software installed on it there's nothing you can do.
  2. Police...
  3. give a right answer
  4. those are right answers

    you should have installed some thing like this on it

    if you are very lucky and report it to the police you may get it back--but wouldnt hold my breath

    its probably in a pawn shop by now or on ebay or some ones got it for a xmas present
  5. any posibility to trace 4r samsung galaxy y,with IEMI no.
  6. anything with a sim card is traceable when its turned on

    but whether the provider will bother is another matter

    they may just block it for you

    again smart phones have tracing software available--i know it came already on my htc

    you just have to activate it
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