Trojen Warning when visiting tomshardware

this has been going on since saturday and is anyone else seeing it? Seems like ever 4th or 5th time of me navigaiting to toms hardware i get the following message from my antivirus

4/25/2010 10:24:37 AM Detected: h(tt)p:// Internet Explorer

It only happens on tomshardware and tomsgames and its random like i can visit the site several times and i am OK then boom all of a sudden it will come up 2 or 3 times in a row. its almost like a advertisement or something that's bad on the
the websites

currently using Kaspersksys anti virus so its a solid antivirus

if GM or Mod wants to help thats cool to cause if something is wrong with the site =( want it fixed lol

added (TT) to the web address cause not sure how to stop it from linking
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  1. I use AVG and have no problems whatsoever. I have been coming here for around five years and never had a problem. Try using a different web browser, because IE is the most hacked web browser in the world. LOL.
  2. same thing happens in Chrome and Firefox I dont know why didnt atleast mention firefox since thats kinda the unoffcial browers of tomshardware users :P. Kinda scared to muck with my anti virus cause if it is a real threat I dont wanna be stuck removing a trojen virus from my pc.
  3. Well I can only tell you that I am a subscriber to AVG and have no problems what so ever. I am positive this site is safe... LOL because if not a lot of people will be pissed off.
  4. I'm not seeing any problems. I'm using MS Security Essentials as my anti-virus, Firefox 3.6.2, and NoScript.
  5. sminlal said:
    I'm not seeing any problems. I'm using MS Security Essentials as my anti-virus, Firefox 3.6.2, and NoScript.

    [#0005ff]I'm using Linux so I don't have to give a damn! :D[/#000ff]
  6. Might or might not be a false positive with one of Tom's ads.
  7. I'm using Avast and the trojan is identified as "google/analytics", came up a few times but does not appear now.
  8. Happened to me too.
    Made me boot into linux...
  9. AVIRA and GDATA here and no issues,and gdata uses avast and bitdefender antivirus engines,it's a false warning it will disappear!
  10. That trojan is the spoof vulnerability that IE can be affected with....if someone makes a specially crafted internet shortcut (url) that when you click it you think you are going to but really it takes you to and displays a fake webpage.

    No you were not affected by that trojan...mcaffee flagged it because the page you viewed...that person was affected as it showed in the hijack log...I answered it and got the same warning.
    If those links in the log were clickable and you clicked the link in the log to go to that site....then you could be affected.
    Since all the webpages you view are stored in the temporary internet files folder for faster loading next time you view that page...McAfee will warn you about it.
    You did right by letting McAfee delete it.
    Windows has had a recent update to protect you from that problem.
    Make sure you have all your windows updates, antivirus updates, and running a firewall.
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