New Build-critiques needed

I am building a new machine to replace my 700mhz Pentium III. I don't play many games, mostly photos, internet, video (VCR to DVD), and I expect to have some ancillary programs running at all times (home automation software for example). I currently have a mid-tower, but like the small form factor looks and space saving ability.

Here is what I am thinking about

Shuttle SN25P
Athlon 64 X2 4400+
Crucial Ballistix 1GB or 2GB (not sure)
6800GT Video Card (maybe 6600GT would ok?)
Seagate 250GB Hard Drive
Plextor 716SA DVDR/CDR Drive
Dell 2405fpw LCD screen
Will use onboard sound.

Any opinions, suggestions, or critiques?
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  1. Shuttle may be getting out of the mobo business. I would look for something else. Sorry I can't help you. I use socket 754.
  2. Not really a huge fan of SFF. For the specs you just listed I would be really concerned with heat, case airflow and the PSU. A 350W silent PSU in the SFF case. I see that some people are running similar systems, but it would still make me more than a little nervous. Maybe I'm just stubborn... *shrugs*

    I say stick with a Mid tower, that has good cooling and looks. I personally have my PC in a desk and don't look at the case that much. The SFF would have to go on top of the desk and that would definitely NOT save me any space. I can hardly reach thru the rest of the piles sometimes! :wink:

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  3. The 6600gt will almost be overkill, but so will the 4400. It should be good for a long while.
    Not an SFF fan either.
  4. We should start an Anti-SFF group!

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  5. SFF doesn't save desktop space, it's wider than most towers. Unless you have a height restriction that is.

    If you want to save space, I'd get a Micro ATX tower of a relatively narrow design, something with the CD turned on it's edge and full-height slots. Those come in around 5" wide, while the SFF's come in around 8" wide.

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  6. Start one? We are one, with Crash as our fearless leader.
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