Sony vaio PCGA-UVC11A driver for windows 7

Looking for a Windows 7 Driver for this Sony PCGA-UVC11A Visual Communication Camera that was used on my Sony Vaio laptop running Windows XP. I now want to use it on a desktop PC running Windows 7 64 bit.

Thank you,
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  1. WuZee said:

    Thanks WuZee,

    I'll try this but it only offers Windows XP as an OS choice and I read elsewhere that the camera only works on Vaio PC's. I no longer have the Vaaio and I'm running Windows 7, so I'm not too hopeful.

    Happy Christmas,
  2. umm sorry about that..i see that this camera is kinda old (from 2003) so i guess sony doesnt have windows 7 support..naturally :) happy christams to you too
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