Upgrade to Windows 8? Games compatibility?Drivers?

Hey guys I was wandering if I should upgrade to Windows 8. But I am worried that if my games will not be compatible with this new version of Windows. Games I play are:
Battlefield 3
Fifa 13
The amazing spider-man
Black ops 2 etc :hello:
And what about the nvidia drivers. Are they ready for Windows 8? :pfff:
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  1. before when i didnt had a proper pc for gaming i always searched my problem on youtube before buying a game (my cpu+the game name)..in your case ''bf 3 windows 8'' and you will have video evidence..good luck
  2. There is not much difference in the benchmarks between Windows 7 vs 8.

    The following article demonstrates this well:


    I would say the Nvidia drivers are very much ready.
  3. Update windows .Automatically detect and install latest best driver and fix all issues.
    Update bios.
    Update hdd/ssd firmware.
  4. You gotta ask yourself...

    Why do you want to upgrade to Win 8? What is it going to give you that Win 7 doesn't have? Whatever Win 8 offers over Win 7 is it worth the price you need to pay? Are you willing to risk some potentially incompatibility issues and possibly a less stable OS to simply get something new and immature?
  5. I agree with jaguarskx. What does buying Windows 8 do for you, other than lessen the weight of your wallet?
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