Weird MOH:AA prob...Fatburger, Help!!

Well, I did it. I upgraded my nephew's PC and threw on XP for him.

I re-installed MOHAA on his PC, and tried it before copying over main\saved and main\config folders. What was happening was that a window would pop up before starting stating "network connections" There is no NIC card in the PC, but the game would not run for several seconds (feels like minutes) until that window disappears.

I copied over the old saved files and config files figuring it would correct that problem, but it didn't

Anyone have suggestions on how to get rid of that network connection windows on game start?

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  1. Do you have a dial-up connection on the computer? If so, disable automatic dialing.

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  2. Thanks, but it doesn't try to dial out.

    Is that normal?

    What about patch 1.11? Will this stop it?

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  3. Try the patch. I'm not sure what the problem is exactly.

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  4. The following is from

    Q: When starting the game, the Windows auto-dialer starts and freezes or crashes my game. Why is this?

    A: If you are experiencing a freeze or crash while starting a game, it may be due to a conflict between the Windows auto-dialer and Medal of Honor Allied Assault. To alleviate the problem, you should set up your computer to never automatically dial an internet connection. Please follow the steps below.
    The MOH: Allied Assault Patch v1.11 has been released. Get it here. But is only available for people using the US or UK version of the game. New changes in v1.11:

    Stand-alone game server that runs without CD, mohaa_server.exe.
    Fixed bug in pak file search order
    Fix for spaces in rcon commands, fix for rcon data transmission
    Fix for rcon status command
    ***Fix for the dial-up networking problem when playing single-player.***
    Fix for in-game server browser always auto-refreshing
    In-game browser shows version information on incompatible servers, and sorts incompatible servers to the bottom
    Fix for running servers from machines with multiple IPs
    After reaching an error screen from the in-game browser the game goes back to the browser, rather than main menu
    Fixed lag when a bomb was planted and the entire planting team was killed
    net_ip reflects what ip is actually used for the game
    gamespy uses the ip set with net_ip, if any
    Can follow players from the other team when your entire team is killed
    The multiplayer dial-up connection fix.
    sv_privatePassword and sv_privateClients work to reserve spots for admins
    Added proper disconnect and error screen display for when game refuses client connection
    Muzzle flashes stick to weapons.
    Localization code rolled in (and new localization file to work with altered system)
    Removed old Q3 skin code to save memory
    Fixed rare visibility glitch with lean
    Fixed rare instance when AI would suicide with grenades
    Fixed rare instance when an effect would flicker
    When a server drops below sv_fps clients get a "slow server" message. This shows up in single-player developer mode. Disable message by setting cg_drawsvlag to 0.
    Dynamic light fix for better spotlights
    Added protection against malicious names in multi-player
    Spectators can no longer telefrag players
    Fixed bug with forcemodel and spectator
    Strings are now localized as entire sentences, using &&& as a non-localizing wildcard match
    Fixed some memory leaks

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