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Hello Tom's Hardware Forums! I'm in need of help. I am a PC enthusiast and build my own desktops but in this situation I'm lost, my dad, since he knows I'm a computer guy, has asked me to help him find a Laptop for my sister for Christmas. She's that type of semi-hipster girl who absolutely LOVES macs, however, she can't afford one, and my dad thinks a mac is too much money to spend on a 13 year old who only does basic computer tasks (emails, Face Book, youtube, webcam chatting, etc.). I figure it only needs integrated graphics, a decent/good webcam (built in), the standard 4GB of RAM, a good Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (mabey opt for i3 or Pentium dual core?) and a 15.6" screen. I need to manage to cram that into a ~500-600$ budget. Any suggestions on which CPU/Company/parts would be best in a laptop for her?

Short Version: Dad gifting laptop to sister for xmas, will be used for FB, YouTube, Webchatting, etc., needs built in webcam (decent one) moderate screen, good speeds while using those. Price of no more than $600, pref. $500. Recommendations? Companies? Parts?
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  1. Have you considered a netbook? A netbook would get the job done for those basic tasks, but would your sister mind a smaller screen and no optical drive?

    Anyways, this is what I've found within your budget range:

    Here is a higher end one:

    Lower end:
  2. Yes I did consider it but she needs a decent sized screen. Dell Inspiron 15 looks good but the main problem is finding good colors. She focuses on what it looks like, if it has a webcam, if it's like a mac, and if it can run fast (YouTube loading 360p vids in a few secs is what she'd think is fast)
  3. My dad is giving my sister a laptop for christmas, I'm in charge of finding out what it should be.
    These are the requirements:
    -Under $600
    -15.6" Screen (more screen/a bit less is okay)
    -4GB RAM preferred 800/1066mhz (it's standard anyways)
    -Windows 7 Home 64bit
    -Good warranty
    -Ability to use facebook, youtube, etc. at very good speeds
    -good wifi card (built in)
    -webcam (built in)

    Anyone that knows a good company/model?
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