24" vs 27" Portrait or Landscape set up triple screen

Just installed my new XFX 7970 card.

Have a 40'' plasma screen I'm currently using.l

I basically game FPS and Need for Speed and do some work in Office 2010.

Reading a current issue Pc Gamer and saw the article on " Multiscreen Madness"

I would like to try triple screens in the portrait mode in 27"

Question is the 27" worth the extra money over the 24" and what is out there for less than $500 ea that

you would go for?

Next what would your opinion be on portrait vs landscape for the choosen monitor set up.

Never tried 3 and it looks like the artical favors the portrait format better.
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  1. personally i would prefer portrait instead of landscape since you keep a widescreen view without going into an ultra ultra widescreen view. keep in mind that not all games might support strange formats like that though (either).

    also keep in mind that 3x the resolution is going to be very demanding on a card. especially on any brand new games requiring alot of video card power. i dont use ati cards so i cannot tell you how it would perform... check toms charts.

    3x27 might be too big. 3x24 is going to be pretty big as well. you could get away with 3x22 and be fine.

    what is out there? look into the different panel types. personally i prefer to use nothing less than 8-bit ips screens as they are considered the best in terms of image quality. look through the forum and you will find tons of information on this topic.
  2. Viewing angle is going to be an issue with portrait mode. TN panels contrast shift a lot more on the vertical axis than the horizontal. I'd say stick to IPS.
  3. depends.

    if you use 22 inch screens and you angle them towards you then you could make do. for larger screens i definitely agree that color shift will be very noticible.

    if ips screens are out of the budget then at the minimum look at e-ips.
  4. I'll look at 24"

    here are the choices I'm looking at

    HP ZR24W

    ASUS ProArt Series PA246Q

    Which one would you choose
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