Slow new windows 7 64 bit pc

Hello there;-) Merry Christmas and -of course-happy new year.
I have this strange problem, that my new 1,9 GHz windows 7 64 bit PC is running SO slow.
Much slower than my OLD computers. I have uninstalled all that is not needed.
I have defragmented both RAM and harddisk. And cleaned it with Wise, Argente, VIT,
MVRegclean, CCleaner, nCleaner and many more 5 Star Rated programs. But my old computers
is STILL much faster than the new one. I have updated the drivers. But STILL its way too slow.
What is wrong with that machine???? Any ideas? I would be thankful for an answer to that
Thanks so much;)

Yours Cincerely

Martin Axel Rasmussen
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    you provide no clue....

    plese list complete spec about your new pc here
  2. download cpuzid and post the specs, cpu motherboard ram etc. and we'll try and help you, with it being 1.9ghz is it an older pc thats had an os upgrade? it may be that you have low system specs and that is the cause of the percieved slownes, this can be fixed by rolling back to xp, or trying one of the linux's, i use linux mint on an old pent 3 htpc and its not kill yourself slow as it was with xp..........good luck
  3. Hi :)

    Run a hard drive test in DOS...HIRENS CD etc, it sounds like a failing hard drive...

    All the best Brett :)
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