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So I'm looking at getting a mechanical keyboard. I'm going to get one with a blue switch and I've picked these out so far...

Cooler Master CM Storm QuickFire Rapid
Ducky Shine / Ducky DK-9000

Which one would you guys recommend?
Any other suggestions? Price doesn't really matter to me as long as its <$200. I'm trying to get a keyboard that has the blue switch, tkl, and good build quality.

The cooler master I'm not sure about because its cheaper than most mechanical keyboards and I haven't found any users complaining about quality so far. Also, I've had the most difficulty finding info on the ducky but many enthusiasts on multiple forums recommended this keyboard. Its not tkl but it has thin edges.

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    read the above guide. great source of information.

    what are you meaning by tkl?

    i've never heard of ducky before. ever.

    i'm searching for a new mechanical keyboard as well. after having the tank that is a keyboard (ibm m) for years its hard to find something to live up to its legacy. currently i'm looking at das keyboards and deck keyboards.
  2. Thanks for the link!

    tkl = ten key less = no num pad.

    I looked at das keyboards but I don't like it because it'll be too big and glossy.
  3. you might have more trouble finding a well known board if you want tkl.

    the das keyboard may be big but if i remember right it has a steel plate inside it. i know my ibm dwarfs it and weighs about 5 pounds! size and weight are a good thing unless you want the keyboard shifting all around on you.

    your call though.
  4. I understand that weight is better and I don't mind the weight and I don't care about vertical height but width is a factor for me because of space issues.

    I think I'll just go with the coolermaster one.
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