Building a PC on a Budget

I have 600$ to spend on the rest of the items for my computer. So far i have the D915PBL intel motherboard and an intel pentium 550.

I am looking for suggestions on video card, case, powersupply, harddrive, and ram for a total cost of around 600$.

So far I am leaning towards an ATI X800 XL card, 300$ approx. 1GB of 533mhz DDR2 ram (on sale for 90$). And for right now a serial ATA 10,000RPM Western Digital hd. I'd like to eventually get 2 and raid0 them.

No ideas so far on a case/powersupply.

Please help!
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  1. That graphics card is the best bang for buck going.
    I hope Mozz sees this. Ask him for help cooling that beast. He is our Intel cooling specialist.
    Be carefull buying DDR2 on special. The timings are usually poor.
    Enermax and Fortron Source make great psu, get at least 500 watts.
  2. The raptor is nice for sure, but don't waste your money on two of them in RAID. Get a 74 GB now, and then a nice 300 GB sata drive later for more data files etc.

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  3. Sounds good to me, you might want to consider a 6800GT because of more advance features namely shader model 3 capability. If you upgrade frequently, graphics card wise then the 800XL would be very good, if you want to hold on a little longer then the 6800GT might be better due to supporting the newer game features.
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