Integrated graphics enough for needs? (ASUS A52F-X3)

I'm in the market for a laptop, but can't spend much more than $500 right now. Currently, I'm looking at the ASUS A52F-X3, specs here:

For $549, it's lookin pretty nice to me.

Will the integrated intel graphics in this be enough for Photoshop, Illustrator CS5? I'm not doing anything 3d, but if I wanted to, could I do some modeling/rendering? Would this be able to play some games?

If the only time I notice that it's an integrated gpu is when playing a 3d game or doing 3d rendering, I think I'll be okay...


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  1. It should get the job done, but I wouldn't expect much by way of performance from it. Have you considered a desktop? You'll have more room in your budget for a bit of a beefier GPU that should stream line your experience in Photoshop, etc...
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have been thinking about building a new desktop. I will probably end up building a desktop and buying a laptop, one now, one early next year; it's just a matter of deciding which comes first. As of now, I could get more use out of a laptop so I think I will probably get it first.

    How much of an improvement do the baseline dedicated gpus, like the Radeon HD 5470, offer?

    I was running Photoshop CS5, and getting work done (amazingly), on a P4 2.4ghz w/ 1gb ddr2700 and a Geforce ti4200... (don't ask). It wasn't necessarily that efficient, but just about any new laptop would blow that out of the water, integrated graphics or not, right?
  3. The forum wants me to select the "best answer"... erm... Not a lot of choices.

    I will be answering most of my questions myself when the laptop arrives today.

    If anyone is interested in this model, Asus A52F-X3, I will write up a review of it with benchmarks and all... then that will probably be "best answer".
  4. I am still working on a review of the Asus A52F-X3, but I will post it as a new thread.

    It runs Photoshop CS5 and Ableton Live 8.2 wonderfully for my needs, so I'm happy.

    I don't really play games, but I did try Starcraft II. It ran beautifully with mostly medium settings... haven't tried to see how much I can crank it yet.

    Definitely a deal of a laptop at the $549 I paid for it.
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