Connecting Toshiba NB350 to TV (No TV out!)

Hello all,

Can someone please help me? I have recently brought a Toshiba NB350 netbook, I'm at Uni and want to take it home at weekends and stream YouTube etc from the net to my CRT TV. I noticed it has a VGA port before I got it, but now I have found out it doesn't actually offer TV-out! Is there any way I can connect it up to my CRT TV? My TV has SCART S-video and RCA ports, I think. I know the VGA port can be used to hook up a monitor, so I don't see why I wouldn't be able to hook my TV somehow, do I need to use converter cables or something? If the VGA port won't do it, can I get a USB to S-video cable to do the job? Ideally I'd like a cheap solution. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Thanks for your reply Kevin. I've checked out these cables before but they state they require 'TV out', and as mentioned in my post my netbook doesn't have TV Out. Is there any way I can stream stuff off the net to my netbook without TV Out please? Either through the VGA port somehow or through a USB converter cable or something similar? Thanks.
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