Thoughts before buying Logitech products?

Hi! Is going to do a BIG order of Logitech stuff and wonder what you are thinking of or have oppinion about before make the final buying process. Have got a -35% total offer code so therefore Ill do a VERY bigg order. Are going to get:

Logitech Wireless Touchpad (12 cm surface, 2,4 GHz transfer speed)

Logitech G700 Mouse (both wireless & wired, 12 bottoms)

Logitech Z506 5.1 Surround system with Bluetooth wireless adapter

I allredy have a Logitech G510 Keyboard (36 programable quick botooms & LCD window)

Is going to use those things when surfing and gaming. The touchpad is mostly a ergonomic alternative to only use the mouse and avoid too much mouse-arm and mouse-shoulder damages, are going to fasten it in the middle of my keyboards lower end so I can surf & click with left hand as well. Do this product lives up to what Logitec themself are saying?

The mouse is (in my mind) a great best-in-both-worlds when you are able to use it without a wire when surfing and doing other non-gaming things, and to have the abillity to plug it in when playing really speed-demanding games like Battlefield 3 and make use of the mouse speed and quick bottoms. What is your personal experience of this big beast?

Of couse I want to get the mighty Logitech Z906 5.1 THX surround speaker system but its just too expensive. What are your oppinions about the Z506 system - sound quality, functionality, the center speaker quality of making the dialog/voice sound etc?
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  1. touchpad:
    in general if you have a mouse... you dont need a touchpad unless you are a graphic artist. a touchpad will not reduce the injuries you state.

    i will agree that logitech makes great mice. as long as its a rf wireless and not bluetooth mouse then you might not even need to use it wired.

    i will agree that logitech makes good rubber dome type keyboards. normally decent value for the dollar.

    logitech does a good job in its speaker market but for the money you can spend on their high end sets like the 906 i would normally suggest going with another option. however saving 1/3 off the total price without any tax... it might be definitely worth considering. as far as the lower end 506 is concerned it is more than adequate for normal pc users. i've had systems in the past from them and for the money i paid i cannot say i was dissapointed.
  2. One of the best things about the Z906 is the clarity of the speech from the centre speaker, does a real nice job of keeping that clean and tidy.

    I haven't head the 506 but I'd imagine it keeps the same balance... Logitech have always been known for making pretty decent speaker sets, if not world-shattering. You're unlikely to be disappointed, particularly as the above poster pointed out, with all the money off.
  3. OK. Thank you very much! Then my credit card will run hot ones again :-)
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