Toshiba M50 fan(s) faulty

Hi forum,

My older Toshiba M50 ("Satellite Pro") laptop has a faulty fan. I'm not sure if it's the heatsink fan or the chassis fan (however I suspect the chassis fan, as there is now almost no air coming from the vent on the side of the case). I'm not 100% confident disassembling laptops (although I will if I have to, because I'm not paying £££'s for a shop to do it), and I wouldn't know where to start seeking a replacement fan. What action would you suggest?

Thanks, Gizzo.
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  1. Have a look at the laptop dissasembly thread at the top of the forum here for a good tutorial on how to take apart a laptop.

    In regard to finding a new fan, I assume that you are in the UK?
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    I had a look at that thread, and I'm happy following the disassembly steps.
    However, after some investigation, I have discovered some new problems;

    (A) All of the heat seems to be building up around the heatsink and vent (on the left hand side),
    although I can still hear the fan running (very fast, I might add, even when everything is idle).
    What could be causing the heatsink spreader itself to be heating up so much as to cause the
    keyboard above to be at burning temperature?

    (B) All of the screws leading to "risky" areas of the laptop are stuck fast - and I really mean stuck.
    What can I do to remove the screws? They seem to be completely fused with the plastic. No give.
  3. Just to add that I ordered some thermal paste, which I hope will improve the situation until I find a permanent
    solution. However I doubt the thermal paste to be one of the major factors in the overheating, as the head is
    definitely getting to the heatsink, just not away from it! :lol:
  4. *bump*

    Sorry to bump this post up again, but I can't find any solutions to these problems elsewhere online.
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