RAID-0 SSD TWO Drive Onboard controller ?

Upgrading System from Platter type Hard Drives , upgrading to " Two " SSD Drives in RAID-0
Would I benifit by using a RAID Controller / Card OR Should I just use the On board Software RAID.
I am looking at the method that will provide the ultimate performance / speed.
Again only using Two SSD Drives , So will using a decent Raid Caed be the way to go for ultimate speed?
Or just go with the on board RAID ?

And if using a RAID card is the way to go Can you provide info On a Good Card to use for my 2- SSD Drive RAID-0 Configuration ?
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  1. on board is good enough for raid 0.. as your are going with SSD rather than platter hdd , onboard will give its best performance..
  2. You do know that TRIM doesn't work with RAID SSDs yeah?

    In any case, software RAID 0 will be fine for only 2 drives SSD or not.
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