Anyone know of a good cheap camera?

im looking for a cheap as hell digital camera that can:

take at least a 3mp picture
doesn't completely die in low light situations (the areas are lit well enough, but the pictures would likely be in my shadows most of the time)
uses sd cards (can use other cards, but sd preferred as i have many laying around)
has a decent battery life, or can used with a usb power source (or completely plugged in if possible)
if battery life is a problem, that is uses AA or AAA batteries, i don't want to have to spend 50-100$ for a pos propriatarty battery.
can take a clear picture, as in if i zoom in on what the focal point should be, its not blurry, we have (parents) a 300-500$ cybershot, and had a cybershot before that that couldn't for the life of it focus for crap.

the camera is needed because i want to document everything i have with pictures, be it games or other misc things. my web cam, which i was hoping to do most of this with, cant take a picture with a higher resolution than 1080p (even though its advertised higher) and i cant find several programs that i just assumed existed... so i need a camera for this...

i believe its implied, but i do not want to spend much on the camera, im not taking professional pictures, and just need it to take pictures of the things i own to somewhat document them. though if you know of a decent dslr camera with a lens that is under 300$ i can bend the price a bit, but really i want the camera for sub 100$, sub 30 if possible, but im betting thats impossible.

------------------ edit/update ------------------------

seriously, iv been looking everywhere, on and off as this isnt a priority or anything, just something i want to do if im able to, but i look on amazon, and i look everywhere i can to find a decent camera, and all i can come up with is kids crap and really bad ones that are over 50$ (by bad i mean not anywhere near worth 50$)

i mean i had a camea when i was a kid, and it could take a decent picture, the camera was like 15$ my mom had a 200$ camera, and you were hard pressed to tell the difference, quality wise, content... well i sucked at taking pictures, but the camera was capable... but today, you can easily tell that a digital camera was cheap if you looked at its pictures... i mean i know there were decent camras a long time ago in the sub 8 mp range, i just know nothing lower than 3 is acceptable quality wise, but i cant find the deals that i was assuming would be there... im actually tempted to just go to a good will and find an old slr camera, seen one for 15$ and wait for digital film to come out, read about it a long time ago, if the film is of any quality, it would be better than spending the money on that than a cheap digital camera...

anyone know where the deals are, any info on digital film for non digital cameras, or anything like that?
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  1. I am actually selling my old camera. I bought a new one and I figure I'd rather pass this one on than it just collecting dust. It is quality made, and takes excellent pictures!! It's 4MP and the auction is starting at 9.99. Search ebay for Nikon Coolpix 4100. I'm the only auction. Someone is selling a broken one for $28....... Also, don't take my word for it....Look up the reviews for that camera. The pictures look 10MP+ !
  2. sorry, i cant deal with ebay, i have no doubt the camera is great, and from the pictures i seen that it takes, they also look great, but there is not a single aspect of ebay that i trust, from paypal to the auction site itself.

    i wish you luck on selling it as it seams to be a great camera.
  3. Thanks. :-)
  4. first off lets get it out of your head about spending $30 on a digital camera. unless you want a kids camera or pos. decent digital cameras start at around $100 new. you could always buy preowned but you seem to not trust ebay.

    if you want a camera that takes aa or aaa batteries it will need to be an old model or some foreign model as most cameras take the li-ion battery packs now. you can get replacement battery packs for $10 on amazon from off brands which work just as well as the oem.

    i own a cannon elph 300 hs that i got on sale for about $120. it takes the battery packs but for the money spent it has been a great camera. if you can find it in your price range i would definitely give it a look. not perfect but for under $200 none of the cameras are.

    remember to be realistic in your expectations.
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