Nvida GT330 vs GT 530

Hi I am thinking of buying a Samsung R780 or Toshiba TP 500, the R780 comes with a "Nvidia GF GT530 1 GB" and the Toshiba a "NVIDIA GeFORCE FT 330M" does anyone have an idea about which might be a better buy they are both priced the same and the Toshiba has an I7 720qm the Samsung a I5 520 any help greatly appreciated as they both look good!!
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  1. Here's a link:

    I don't see a listing for the GT530. If it is new, then I would have to know more about the chip.

    The CPU's are a bit of a tossup. I would expect the i7 to be slightly faster but then you may take a hit on the battery life.
    In addition to that webstie I mentioned, PCWorld.com also does many laptop reviews and I would try to find reviews on the specific models you mentioned.

    Many times two notebooks with identical specs perform quite differently, and there are of course other things to consider as well, such as screen quality, ease of use, and keyboard comfort.

    Toshiba's are typically great business class machines, but it depends on the model.
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