Can a processor "half" burn up?

I've tried near everything to get my computer to run full speed. I've got a 2200+ processor on a brand new ABIT board. I can get it to run at the rated 1800+ temporarily at almost 1.8 volts. Temporarily meaning as soon as i do something labor intensive, it shuts the computer down, but not in the way of a heat shut down. I have a monitoring system that says i never go over 120 degrees F. I'm about to replace the RAM, and i was just wondering if the processor possibly is "half" burnt out from when the power supply took a dump and killed the MB. Is this possible?

Second question...
what is the lowest speed processor with a 400mhz FSB?
I'm thinking of buying one, and would love to have the 400FSB running on my computer. This is also part of the reason i purchased new ram.


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  1. In response to your question regarding "lowest speed" cpu to run at FSB 200/400 have a look at the link below. There is a 3000+ with a FSB 200/400.

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    But you may wanna check out the mobile XP/Barton CPU's. If your mobo alows for cpu multi and voltage adjustments these are a good choice. They will do FSB 200/400 and, as their multi is unlocked you have much flexibility with regard to the speed at which you run them at.

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  2. Abit NS7-S2 MB (capable of 400fsb, sata, agp, 6.1 surround etc.) Drivers updated
    AMD 2200+ (the quality of which is in question)
    512MB PC 2100 (stolen from Emachines)
    100gb ATA HD
    Radeon 7500 AGP 64MB card (drivers updated)
    CDRW ripped from emachines
    DCD ripped from emachines
    CA 3 piece sound

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  3. PSU? You mean power supply, I assume? Sorry, not down with the lingo... Software guy here.
    350 watt power supply.

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  4. the core could certainly be damaged, do you have another core you can try ?? core should b running at about 1.65 should it not ??

    try running at 266fsb rather than 400fsb, a 2200 is a palamino core & it needs to be a barton core to get to 400 stabley... is it a B/C/D core step ???

    Trust me I know what I'm doing... ooops, grab the cat...
  5. Yes, the core should be running at 1.65.
    No, I don't have another I can try.
    The 2200 IS indeed a palamino core, and i'm not trying to run it at 400mhz, i'm trying to run it at 266, but it won't. Only 200mhz. That's my problem. At the normal voltage, it will only go to 200mhz. Which is why i continued to step it up until almost 1.8, and then i could run the 266mhz FSB. But games would still crash.

    This is why I'm probably going to get something that will run at the 400FSB, and see if it will run at that speed.

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  6. Palomino, and Tbred A cores require 1.75 volts, not 1.65v. If it's a palomino (or more likely a t-bredA), that's your problem.
  7. Even so, I tried all the way up to 1.8 volts, stepping up every time. It didn't hold past loading photoshop.

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  8. ? i dunno, AMD? I didn't know there was anything other than AMD, like intel, pentium, etc.. I thought it was just AMD. It's out of an Emachines, like i said.

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  9. Ive never tried to burn half of one, but if you were to dip half in gas or something of the sort and coat the other half with grease then it may be possible!

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  10. Yeah, that's exactly what i did too!!!

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  11. He meant the PSU. Different PSU manufacturers use different ways of rating their power supplies. A Fortron source 350W PSU will be able to consistantly deliver 350W of power continuously (as they list the max continuous W). a 350W el-cheapo supply is probably listing 350W max-load, which'll deliver that amount for a while, but then blow up/die.

    So the make of the PSU is just as important as the claimed wattage, if not more so.

    Only time I've had a similar problem it was the motherboard (so I sold it to someone at the underclocked speed in the end :evil: ).

    Palominos only went to 2100+ IIRC, so you haven't got one of those. Even t-bred A chips were less than 1.7V, so it's not voltage. How are you measuring the temperatures? If it's just in BIOS then that's not really good enough, as temps can rise dramatically when you're actually asking it do do something. I know it's a pain, but if you could remove the HSF again and have a look at exactly what's written on the chip that would clear up all doubt there.

    Is the PCI/AGP bus locked? That mobo sucks for overclocking, but I'm fairly sure it does have the option in the BIOS for setting the AGP speed (and PCI speed) to 66Mhz. Make sure that's set, as that could throw you too.

    Run Memtest86 if you're not sure of the RAM. If it looks fine for several hours then it's not that.

    I would say it's either your Power supply (sounds like it), or possibly your motherboard....

    I've not heard of a CPU half-working like this. I suppose electron migration might alter the overclocking properties of a CPU over time, but a CPU not running at stock speed? nah.

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