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Windows 7 enterprise edition installation disk asks for drivers that provide product information about my m4 series desktop. My harddrive is a seagate barracuda st3500418as. I'm actually reinstalling windows 7. After my dualboot fail with fedora and windows
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  1. Your hardrive should not need drivers, unless you are trying to setup a raid.

    I'm not entirely able to understand your problem, if you could explain in more detail what the problem is I could provide more accurate support.

    Do you have any of the discs that came with your motherboard/PC that you could try?
  2. No, just the disk I borrowed. I actually tried to dualboot a linux operating system with windows 7. THe only problem is that my installation of linux overwrited my windows bootloader. IS the boot loader in the 16.5 gb partition anyway?
  3. Also, it says I need some product information when I clicked the load drivers button on the installaion dvd
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