Problem with installing windows on my new build.


I've recently finished building a computer(first build).
I have a 100% legit version of windows 7(64-bit ultimate).

My specs are:

2xIntel Xeon E5-2630
AMD FirePro v7900
OCZ SSD Revodrive 3
1 TB WDC Velociraptor HDD
Silverstone Strider 1200
Corsair 32 GB DDR3 1333mHz Quad-channel RAM

So here is how I installed it:

I booted up the installation-disk.
I wanted to install it on my Revodrive, which wasn't listed, so I added the drivers via a usb drive.
Then selected the revodrive and removed all the other storage devices(including the usb drive).
After a while, the computer restarted and booted up in the revodrive.
I selected to boot up the normal way, then I got the "blue screen of death".
I also tried booting up in "safe-mode", then I got the screen you get when you finish your installation, but in front of that screen i got a message, that told me I couldn't finish the installation in "safe-mode".
After that I booted up the installation-disk to see if I needed to boot from it to finish the installation, but it looked like it did in the beginning.

PS:I also put the disk in my laptop. There was a file("desktop.ini"), located under a banner that said:"files ready to be added to the disk", but I could not copy it in to the disk, or anywhere at all.

I hope you know what the problem is and thanks for any answers.
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  1. i know its a pain with the SSD but try changing it from AHCI to IDE in the bios, i have had a couple installs that went bad because of the AHCI driver on the disk wasn't working properly. if it installs that way follow the guide Here to get it back to the speedier ahci.
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