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So my lcd broke on my compaq v3030 and so i tried to remove the lcd and just connect a monitor to it. when i tried to use the fn + f4. nothing happened.

And since i have no "eyes" to see what's going on. it's kind of hard to diagnose.

I recently saw that win7 has a presentation mode winkey + p
so i tried to do an automated install disc of win 7 which went to crap. so i took out the hdd and put it on another computer and installed win7. Looking at the hdd activity it looks as if it's loading into windows, but winkey + p does nothing. any help would be great. thanks!
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  1. You don't want to install Windows on one computer and then move the drive to another one unless they are identical. At best you will get tons of driver issues, at worse, the PC won't boot.

    Since the LCD is already off, I hope you have a physical button that pushes in when the lid is closed otherwise this won't work. Plug in the monitor, turn on the laptop and hit the "lid closed" button. The laptop should detect the external monitor as the main display and send the image to that. That's assuming the laptop can even boot with the LCD disconnected, you may need to connect it again.

    Are you sure the issue is with the LCD and not the video card? Is it cracked or did it just stop working? Maybe the issue is that your video card just does not output anything anymore which is why no video works, or another system problem is at fault.
  2. i plugged the screen back in. and tried pressing the button that makes it think the lid's closed but that didn't work. I'm not even sure if it boots into windows. it would have some hdd activity and then stop. i'd press enter and it would go for a bit and stop.

    i'm pretty sure it was the screen because when it was working (but still broken) i had to put pressure and tilt the monitor enable to get a clear picture instead of crazy colours and lines.

    I'm not sure what else i can do with it. thanks for your help!
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