Horizontal line in my screen

therez a couple of horizontal lines at the end of my lab top always show n wudnt go away
wat 2 do 2 make the dissapear ?? n wat is this problem??
its dell intel core 2 duo
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  1. Could be a hardware problem. But start by adjusting settings in Windows.

    Go Settings, Control Panel, Display, Settings and play with resolution settings.

    If that doesn't help, try connecting an external monitor -- if the extenal works okay the laptop's video circuitry is okay but the laptop screen may be faulty.
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    I think your laptop screen might also be damaged ... is it always in the same spot and does not go away?

    One of the screens on one of my Toshibas went the other day - vertical lines down the far right hand side ... the screen had to be replaced.

    If it is the screen you can do as fihart suggests - use an external monitor.

    If the same problem shows on the external monitor it is unlikely to be the LCD panel ... one way of eliminating that from the list of things it could be.

    Then look at drivers or a possibly problem with the graphics processor in the laptop.

    Just to be sure, check out and see if your laptop is one of these models in Markus's article:,11400.html

    Let us know how you go?
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