HP G60-120US problems

Hi guys it been a while.
Now i have a problem with my laptop a HP G60-120USthe specs are as follows:
AMD Turon 1.6GHz
NVIDIA nForce MCP77MV Chipset
NVIDIA nForce Chipset Driver
Broadcom Wireless

Now the problem, first it is able to boot to the BIOS and boot options, so i know the motherboards is fine, but when i run the harddisk tests in the BIOS it says ok, but the harddrive makes clicking noise, secondly the top left corner above the fan gets really hot really quick, and the fan is working(can i increase the speed?), thirdly it is not booting to the harddisk, just a black screen, it is not booting to the DVD, it blinks twice and then nothing, I created a bootable USB key with Ubuntu 10.10, and i got the menu to start up, but when i selected try ubuntu without installing the HDD LED came on and the monitor went blank.

any advice guys would be really apprciated, i dont know what else to dom i have reseated the HDD, RAM, even the motherboard itself, what is the problem?

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  1. Mine gets super hot too and seems to have a memory boot problem. When I turn it on it makes these 3 loud beeps.
    Did anyone ever answer on if you can adjust the fan speed?
  2. No, no one has answered my call for help, as far as i have discovered overheating is the problem, the heatsink not working, i bought a cooling pad and it didnt help, I booted linux from a thumbdrive and it loaded to the menu and the screen went blank. I called HP and the said US$399 to repair it, not counting shipping & handling, so I know they are replacing the motherboard...
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