Old Sony DCR-HC38 camcorder


Is there a way for an old Sony DCR-HC38 camcorder be connected to windows 7?

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  1. Hi :)

    Try it and see...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. should be possible

    though you will need capture software

    and possibly a capture card if it doesnt show up as a removable drive
  3. Hi Brett :)

    Window 7 doesn't respond when I use the USB port. I even tried my old iLink which Win7 also doesn't support, pls. correct me if I'm wrong, but to no avail. Is there a driver of some sort that can help me with this?

  4. What capture software would you suggest I try for this?
  5. do you want to use it as a capture device?

    or do you need to get video off it thats already on it?
  6. It's the latter.
  7. how does it store the video?

    built in memory?


    memory card?

  8. Sadly, the Sony DCR-HC38 stores the video in a mini-DV tape.
  9. yeah--just found the support page now

    just having a read

    edit--looks like you will need to connect it by firewire as they wont supply the usb streaming driver
  10. Oh, I see, my camcorder is too old that there's no driver for Win7. I wish there's another way.
  11. Best answer
    no--windows 7 will have a generic driver for it

    but not the usb streaming driver to copy the tape to the pc

    and sony wont provide that for some reason

    if you can connect it by firewire then download the 2 xp softwares on the support page

    and install them in compatibility mode for windows xp

    then you should be able to copy the tape

    if that wont work then you need a capture card or usb capture

    and capture software
  12. Okay, I think I still have the Firewire cable and port from my old XP. Should I bother to install and try that or it will just be a waste of time? I mean, is there a different card for Win 7?

    Edit: Okay, I haven't read your last reply when I sent this.
  13. if you can connect it by firewire

    then windows movie maker can probably import it for you

    does your pc/laptop have a built in firewire port?

    if you have an old pci firewire card it might work in windows 7 or it might not

    if its stuff you really need then there are shops that will do it for you

    but they are quite expensive

    if some one on this forum was near to you with the proper equipment they might do it as a favour

    the stuff i use for my cctv cameras would be capable of doing it
  14. No, my desktop doesn't have a firewire port.
    I better try to install my old pci firewire card, since I have one, and hope it works.
    I'll try to follow your instructions here.
    You gave me a lot of info.
    Thank you so much for your time.
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  16. you are welcome

    and merry xmas :)
  17. The same goes to you, and all the Christians in the forum. :)
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