X2 4400 and 4600

So I'm trying to get some performance stats for these two models before I go and build myself a new compter. more sepcifically if the 4400 is worth the extra $100 (CDN) that it's going to cost me over the 4200. Anyone know where some reviews for these two chips are?
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  1. IMO get the 4400 as that it got 1mb of L2 cache and that if split it will be 512k each core, if you got the 4200 or 4600 then u will get 512k of L2 cache and each core will get 256kb, a little low IMO
  2. incorrect, thats 1mb for EACH core

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  3. The question is, do you OC? If you OC, the extra cache generally makes OCing a little easier. Other than that, $100can seems a lot to pay for 1 meg of cache.
  4. o lol that i didn't know, sorry fot givign out misinformation :redface:

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