How to know if a mobo will support a Turion?


After reading the article on the Pentium M, I started looking at both the Pentium M and the Turion for use in a file server I was planning to build for my home network. However, I'm a bit stuck. AMD doesn't seem to want to encourage people to build desktop systems using the Turion, so there's very little information about compatibility to be found. I know you can't just plug one into any old socket 754 board. I was wondering if anyone knew what criteria a board needs to meet in order to work with a Turion processor? For example, one board I liked is this one from ABit:

since it has onboard vid, gig lan, and sata/raid. Perfect for a file server. But will it take a Turion? How would I know?


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  1. Well, that is a decent board. It doesn't have on-board video though, which is a must for a low-power, non-gaming system. In fact, it doesn't look like any nForce board currently on the market has integrated video (because nVidia wants you to fork over $ for a vid card?)

    However, that doesn't really answer my question. How do you KNOW it works on that board, based on the board specs? That's what I really am trying to find out.

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