Computer keeps restarting over and over again

I wanted to format my pc so i tryed to download windows 7 ultimate because i didnt had the cd. After I opened the setup and I installed the new windows. Showed up the menu that normally shows up when you install a new windows, then it deleted my files, and I set the time and that stuff and the computer restarted. After the restart didnt showed up the bar to put my password and directly entred the user and the pc started to restart over and over again. HELP!!!
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  1. you need the product key we could not help if it is not a legal copy forum rules.
  2. but i cant do nothing because i just put the password that i set on the bios menu and it restarts it self
  3. Check your bios and make sure that your pc boots to yor hard drive. Also listen to you hard drive, if you hear ticking, or quiet beeping noises this could mean your hard drive is failing and you should immediately back it up to an external hard drive
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