any way to squeeze more power out of an PIII?

ok now my bascially new computer (its an upgrade, but because my parts are so old almsot all components have to be replaced...) has been ordered now i can play with my PIII more (i still want it to play transport tycoon over LAN ya know!) so i'm wondering how much more power i can squeeze outta this gig.

specs are:

PIII 550E @ 733MHZ
saphiere readeon 9200 256 agp 8x (running at 2x because of slow mobo......)
768mb of sdram 133 memory (1x 512 (i thinkt its ultra brand...) and 2x 128 mb)
creative sound card.
SMZ EZ 10/100 internet card..
mobo is a soyo sy-6vba 133 (its got option to increase voltage to the cpu and the thing about trying to unlock the cpu by telling the cpu is running at a slower speed so it can get more multipler out of it)

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  1. Are you looking to upgrade here? Or are you asking if you should OC? I'm confused?
  2. not both as i already upgraded (to a whole new computer basciall) and OCed i just want to know is there any other way to increase performance? oc the gpu? (dought it would help with 2x agp...)? oc the ram? (can it be done?)? bascially i'm looking to improve its performance w/o spending too much if any $$

    BTW i be running this in a box :)

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  3. Good luck!

    If your BIOS don't have a CPU voltage option, try to run a wire from the 3.3Volt rail to the CPU... What was the required default core voltage on PIII-E?

    You could also put a BIG fan/heatsink on it...

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  4. um i have rised the fsb and the multiplier is locked.... anyway to unlock it? (its a slot 1 SECC 2)
    steping is 1 and revision is cA2
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  5. [incredible unhelpful suggestion]Did you try a bigger vise to squeeze some more performance out of your rig? :tongue: [/incredible unhelpful suggestion]
  6. Anyone tried powerleap

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> Im not sure if its too good. Looks like you can put a 1.4 cele in slot 1
  7. hmm kinda expensive and since i already dashed out about 1400 for my real computer upgrade maybe i try soemthign else cheaper or second hand (bascially this system is there purely for the technical reasons, not praticle reasons)
  8. o and is the somthing kinda like this but cheaper and avaible in canada for socket A mobos? i know my friend who got ripped off getting one build for him would love to get a socket A to socket 754 upgrade (if its cheap or else he'll just get another mobo....)
  9. I've tried Powerleap, that's why I recommend Upgradeware for Slot-1 and the cheap Lin-Lin adapter for socket 370, to adapt Tualatin cores to older motherboards.

    Both those adapters I mentioned are reliable and have bus speed/vcore selection jumpers, both are inexpensive. NONE of those can be said about my last Powerleap adapter.

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    <font color=red>Only a place as big as the internet could be home to an ego as large as Crashman's!</font color=red>
  11. There is no socketA to s754 adaptor. Trying to get the odmc to work through a north bridge would be too much trouble.
  12. oic well i tried, i guess he better not try to play HF2 on it.... (the guy said any new game is playable on it... wait till i get my hands on some HL2... or Doom3 or.....)
  13. What Socket A system is it? a 2Ghz or better Athlon XP would be easily enough for doomIII or HL2. It's more the gfx card that matters with gaming anyway. (although many newer games are starting to be a little CPU-limited, like DOOMIII for example).

    DoomIII was perfectly alright on my old AXP/9800Pro system, at 1024x768 or so..

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  14. lol sempron 2400+ me think its 1.7GHZ and its got some weird graphics card that seems to be intergrated... its a asrock mobo.... soo....
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