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fistly im wanting to build a new computer, and i have a question about the amds haveing the memeroy controler Integrated into Chip. so heres the question:

do these chips support dual chaneling?

I know this may be a newbish question, but i just want to know.

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  1. well socket 939 does with NF4 chipset i believe, dunno about socket 754 so can;t help ya there
  2. Oh I gusse I forgot to say what proc I'm lookin at getting. The proc I'm thinkin about getting an Athlon 64 3200+ with a Venice core, its a socket 939 but y'all probly all ready knew that

  3. yap and what mobo? i know that the DFI lanparty NF4 series supports them
  4. I think 939 supports dual channel. 754 doesnt
  5. The memory controller is what does or does not support dual channel. At this point all s939 chips do support dual channel, all s754 chips do not. S754 actually lacks the pins needed for dual channel.
  6. ^ What he said!

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  7. well thanks guys for all the info, and the mother board im thinking of going with is the Abit Fatal1ty AN8-SLI, which does suport dual channeling.
  8. i'd go with the DFI. There is a reason abit is doing horribly right now. DFI is the new king of o/cing mobo's and are among the fastest. I just ordered a used 754DFI250gb off of ebay for a killer deal to replace my old fsb limited asus k8vse dlx and i cant wait.

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  9. well the reason im going with the Abit Fatal1ty board is, because a)I've mostly used Abit boards and have all ways liked them, and b) for the abylites of the board, and finaly c)i'm willing to pay the cash for it.
  10. That's a great board
    For clarity's sake. The reason Abit is in trouble is because they are too honest. They owned the problems some bad caps caused mobos, and made good on them. Most other mobo makers claimed reasonable deniability, and just shafted the end user. It put Abit into the red. The banks thought that was bad business, and have been giving Abit a hard time.
    Abit makes great boards, and they deserve better from us, IMNSHO.
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