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At the moment I'm living outside of the United States. However, I ordered a copy of windows 7 for my new build from the US. The packaging says something about geographical restrictions, and I need to figure out if ill be able to activate from where i live.
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  1. You may not be able to activate from outside the united states. I live in England and I have had similar problems. You could activate it by going through a USA proxy. Even then when you do the updates WGA will flag the operating system as illegal, so do the updates through a proxy.

    Once it is activated and you have done the first lot of updates you should have no further problems.
  2. Which proxy would you recommend? Also, I read about being able to activate through calling a Microsoft activation center ( do you know if this would work?
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    I'm sure MS support will be happy to help you with this. They aren't just sitting around plotting ways to make your life miserable, you know :) The activation people have a good bit of discretion for this reason.
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