Getting USB port(s) working on Acer AspireOne Netbook

Hello, one of my ports stopped working and I found a solution which worked for me. Go to ACER SUPPORT and search for document ID: 4064 (How should USB drivers be reinstalled for ports not working?) On your CONTROL PANEL, select DEVICE MANAGER, then UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS CONTROLLER. On the drop-down list of USB controllers, select one at a time & click YES to uninstall, close all open windows and restart the system. After system has finished re-booting, plug a device into the USB port that wasn't working and see if it works now. If not, go back to the list and select the next one and so on, until you find the one that needed the driver re-installed. I was lucky in that the first one on the list, USB #27C8 was the one that needed the driver re-installed. I don't know if it will work with all PC's, laptops, note & net books with this USB problem, but it's worth a try as all systems have a DEVICE MANAGER listed.
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  1. Good advice. Yes, sometimes uninstalling a component, including USB slots and restarting can get things working again.
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