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Just built my first pc today, it booted the first time with no problems, now I am updating it, but I am wondering if there is any way to force windows updates to continually search for updates, install them, restart automatically, and on boot search for updates again, install them, and restart. I want it to keep doing this until there are no updates left (I have terrible internet, and i just want it to do this all night long so when i wake up it will hopefully be fully updated).
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  1. I understand what you want, but no, it is no possible.
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    Hi :)

    No is the answer, although you can tell it to download and install them at a certain time, but only once per 24 hour period...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Huh, well thanks for the help, I guess I'll just do as much as i can before I fall asleep
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  5. Best method is to go straight to the Service pack download (since it will include all the previous updates up to the service pack release) - so instead of using windows update first go straight to the service pack download - install it and then get the updates that have been released after the service pack.
  6. I installed win 7 64bit with sp1 already attatched to it, so i've got that covered, i'm just doing security update stuff right now from what i can tell...
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