Ctrl keys stuck & messed up

My keyboard on my toshiba laptop is not working.
My ctrl keys act like they are stuck.
Half the time it turns ctrl on automatically without even having touched the bloody keyboard. Its completely random. Does anyone know where the problem could be from and how I can fix it... it's really annoying, I can't use any of the combinations like Ctrl + V, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + A, etc.
I turned off sticky keys, changed regional settings, rebooted to an earlier date, pressing the ctrl key, pressing both ctrl keys together, holing the crtl key (s) for few seconds, tried ctrl shift fn, Virus and spyware - both clean NOTHING works...
It hasn't been used by anybody else except me and I haven't dropped it either.
Basically I can't use my laptop at all now. I've had this laptop for two years but these problems didn't start until two weeks ago.
I've googled for the solution but couldn't find anything. Just a lot of people with similar issues and my suggestions but none of them have worked (so far). My ctrl keys just keep automatically turning themselves on...
Does anybody have a clear/easy solution and also a way to make sure this never happens again?
Im truly desperate.. :(
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  1. Replace the key or keyboard.
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