Processor Upgrade For My Mobile AMD Sempron 2800+?

Hi everyone in here. I got some upgrade problems. I'm currently an Acer Aspire 3000 Series notebook, which i bought recently. It features a Mobile AMD Sempron 2800+ cpu, 512MB DDR333 module on-board but 128 has been shared by the integrated video display. So, here's my dilemma: The Sempron 2800+ is based on the socket 754 architecture. Is there anyway I can upgrade it to the mobile AMD Athlon64 3000+ processor based on the same architecture?

Any help here will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. theres mobile athlon 64's that use socket 754. I have seen the 3700+ on newegg. Check with your manufacter to see how far you can upgrade. You probably can change the about of graphics used to 64 or even 32 if you do not use graphics heavy applications.
  2. AFAIK, that system is set up for low power. I doubt it could handle the extra thermal requirements of a mobile A64 chip.
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    As endyen said, the heatsink&pipe in that laptop is designed to handle Mobile Sempr0ns so there's a high possiblility the A64-M will have heat issue if used in there.

    Though maybe if you overvolt the cooling fans or something...

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