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i have a dell studio 1555 laptop i bought for college, and i'm having some weird problems with my processor.

i have a core 2 duo t6500 @ 2.1 ghz. i know about speed step and how it reduces the processor speed when the system is idle, but when i run video games like WoW or Fallout 3, my processor speed stays around 1000-1100 mhz.

i turned off speed step, and it still stays at around 1ghz. sometimes, it will go to 2.1 ghz, but only for a second before it returns to 1.1 ghz.

i don't know what's wrong with it, but it keeps doing this and it is really annoying and frustrating.

i use this laptop for my coursework as well, and i'm experiencing noticeable lag when i work with indesign or 3ds max etc.

what the hell is wrong with my system? please help!
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  1. Check both the BIOS screens and Windows to turn off Power Saving Options. And are you running the laptop on battery or on the power adapter ? It may be trying to save battery power by clocking the processor back.
  2. +1 , try using it plugged, and you might also try to reset the bios-
  3. i'm plugged in with the adapter

    how do i reset my bios?
  4. On most Dells you reach the BIOS screens by pressing F2 as the machine starts to boot. Once in I would look for the option to disable power saving and see if that helps.
  5. Just as fihart suggested.Yes, F2 It should have the option to reset, it all depends on systems though, try to find it,, change the power plan to high performance.
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