PC wont power up (plz help)

You guys just helped me upgrade an old PC. For whatever reason, the thing wont turn on, or make any reaction at all when I hit the power button.

450W (430 TRue) Enermax PSU
AMD 3400+ CPU
250GB ATA-150 Barracuda
SB Audigy Sound
GF3 Video Card

I dont know if i need to upgrade my PSU or what, but im not getting any reaction when i plug pc in and push the power button. There's even an onboard switch that powers the motherboard up , im not getting any reaction out of that either.

I plug in my power supply on my original/old motherboard / computer and it turns on.

The DFI NF3 says it only requires 300W power supply , my 430W should be more then enough.

Can somebody please help me out here.

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  1. Is it plugged in?

    Is there a fan plugged into the CPU fan Header?

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  2. Yes, & Yes
  3. What GF3 card do you have and could it be a AGP 2x card?

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  4. Its a 64MB Nvidia GF3 Elsa Gladiac AGP i dont know if its agp x2 or not

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  5. Are you sure that you've connected the case's power switch to the motherboard correctly? Once I accidentally switched the power button with the reset switch...

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  6. i put everything on identical to what the manuel told me, then tried every other variation, still got no reaction out of the computer.

    should i try getting a new power supply? or can my mobo be bad?
  7. That card is so old I can't find any information on it. It could be an AGP 2x/4x 3.3v card. If it is it could be inconpatible with that motherboard and the really sad thing is it could kill the motherboard. Sorry about that...

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  8. if the video card kills the motherboard, wouldn't it atleast make some type of reaction before it shut down.

    I haven't been able to power it up period. its like i dont have it plugged in or something
  9. No idea. I've just read about old 3.3v 2x/4x cards killing 1.5v 4x/8x motheboards.

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  10. I think it's the 1X 2X cards that are the killers. That would be TNT or earlier cards. A GF3 should be fine.
  11. Try reading the FAQ in the motherboard forum. If that doesn't help, try building the rig outside the case with a basic post system.
    Just use 1 stick of ram, cpu, hsf, and graphics card. Make sure the ram is in the slot closest to the chip.
  12. When I first built my computer I had the same problem... it turned out that on the hard drive, I had it set to Master instead of Primary... only had one hard drive, and apparently it's not the same thing :P (I had a WD digital though).... Maybe you have a similar problem. Check to be sure all your jumper settings are correct.

    **I'm not the one to be giving advice, but since I had a similar problem I just thought I'd share. Good luck.**
  13. disconnect and remove everything not really needed like HDs floppy, etc. You might even want to remove RAM and videocard, since even without those, fans should spin up and the motherboard should start beeping. If really *nothing* happens, its probably something trivial like a broken powerswitch. Try shorting the pins on the motherboard that are connected to the power switch with a screwdriver. Make sure you have the PSU on the "on" position (provided it has a on / off switch), that the 110/220v is set correctly and double check your connection from the PSU to the MB. Make sure the motherboard is not shorting out on the case or something else (like a dropped screw).

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