I have just reformatted my acer laptop (5338) and loaded windows xp, I have had

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  1. Don't put your question in the heading box or it just runs out of characters and no-one can understand what you want.

    Please reply with more details of the problem.
  2. sorry misunderstood

    i have just completely reformatted my hard drive using Dban, and then loaded windows XP on it. To do so I had to download drivers from the ACER site . The laptop is a refurbished aspire 5338 and i now have an ok display on my screen but it isnt right. I have discovered that when I right click on the desktop I have a default monitor loaded.
    I dont know how to find out what the correct one should be, I dont know where to find the driver, and I dont know how to make the change?
    help please
  3. There should be a driver for the laptop's video chip on the Acer website -- or if you can identify the chipset you might try a newer driver from the chipset maker's site.
  4. ^+1. Download and run GPUZ, that SHOULD give you an idea as to what IGP/GPU you have.
  5. thank you for your responses
    I have downloaded GPUZ and run it but it comes up
    the NVDIA drivers are not compatible with your hardware .setup will now exit

    the problem on the acer website is that there are three drivers
    ati, intel and nvidia
    i have downloaded all three before i put my query on the board....
  6. There must be a more specific model number either on the screen boarder or under the laptop chasis. Locate that and search google for the specification of that model to find out which graphics card it has and download the proper drivers.
  7. Have a look at the start-up screen before Windows loads there may be details of which video chipset is in it.
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