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uninstall XP pro

Last response: in Windows XP
November 15, 2002 2:52:26 AM

I just installed XPpro on a new WesternDigital 100GBhdd.
I want to UNinstall XP and install W2K. Do I reformat the HDD? Would someone please give me the complete steps to do this? Thank you!

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November 15, 2002 7:26:43 PM

You will have to format your hard drive and install a fresh copy of 2000.

What you are suggesting is a waste of time though. A complete waste of time. XP IS 2000, but with more features. If you want to do it, at least recognize that you'll be losing some features that you might want such as remote desktop, support for Hyperthreading processors, improved networking, etc

If the Win2000 cd is bootable, just boot off of it. Hopefully it's like XP and will allow you to delete a partition. Delete the partion, or format, or whatever it lets you do. Then create another partition, or if you just formated, go ahead and install.

Alternatively, boot into dos, most likely with a win98 boot disk, and type format c:

Then boot off the 2000 cd and install.

There are alternative ways to install, by copying the contents of the cd to your hard drive, but the above should get you going just fine.

Don't forget to backup important items, including fonts.

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November 15, 2002 7:30:21 PM

If all you want is the look of 2000 follow these steps.

Type: Windows Key and Pause Break Key
Advanced Tab
Performance Section: Settings Button
Visual Affects Tab: Adjust for Best Performance

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