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help, help, whats going on with my computer

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July 29, 2005 10:35:34 PM

hey guys, okay i havnt been on in a while, been lost in the Matrix Online. But now im have a serious problem and i dont know what to do.okay im having serious issues with my computer and i have no idea what it is. OKay heres the problem. lately my computer has started to frezze up for no reason. lately it was okay as long as i was not doing anything that requires any video, sound or anytype of program running. ill be just serfing the internet and soner or later my computer will just frezze up. when it frezzes up, i cant do anything but hit the restart button on the front of the computer. it frezzes up, right away when i try to play a game, listen to music on my computer, or even when i try to stream a video. lately it has been getting worse to. ill log onto my computer and it freezes even quicker. then it got so bad that my computer wouldnt make it past the boot up screen. i get the Blue screen of death, before i log onto my screen name, im using window XP by the way. I have no problems in the intial boot up screen, or even going into my bios screen. but when it trys to load the OS it ask me if i want to start windows in safe mode, or safe mode with comand prompt, stuff like that, but as soon as i hit enter the blue death screen comes up and i get this message:


then at the end it gives this technical information:

STOP: 0x000000(0x86729E30,0xC0000032,0x00000000,0x00000000

the only way i can get back onto my computer is to eraze my hardrive, format it, and reinstall windows and then it lets me install windows and everything, and i can use my computer for a bit, but then it starts to frezze again, and i dont even install any program. soon i wont even be able to log onto my computer this time around either, itll start frezzezing again, then eventually the blue screen of death. Now ive checked all my drivers , i replaced my memory, to see if it was the prob, i even bought a new video card and istalled the new one, checked all my hardware attached to it, and doubled check to make sure eveything was conected fine in my computer. eveything is good, and the problem is still happening. I have a
1.athlon 64 3000
2.maxtor 80 gig, hardrive(master) and maxtor 40 gig(slave, wont work by itself as a master for some reason, when i install windows on it, its says error loading operating system)
3.radeon 9550 (its new just installed it, didnt solve the problem)

i havnt tried to get another hardrive and install it to see if maybe its a hardrive thing. its wierd that the only way to fix it , is to eraze my hardrive and reinstall windows, and without installing any other programs it eventually starts to do it again, and like i said its getting worse. well sorry this was long but im at a loss. any help would be apprisated. thanks guys.

let me know of any other info u need to help me out.

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July 29, 2005 11:40:25 PM

Are you saying that if you format your C drive, everthing is OK for a while?
Are you using the second hdd for virus storage?
July 30, 2005 4:05:21 PM

well a friend of mine figured it out, i forgot to mention that i have 2 sticks of pc32oo , 512mb ram running in my computer. NOw the thing is, which i didnt know at the time of buying the other stick is that they're not the same brand. One stick is a crusial value 512mb pc3200 and the other one is a corsair extremem overclocking pc32oo ram. To get thme to work last time to gether i had to enable something on my bios called 2T timings. I guess it since the both sticks run at different ram timings they i had to have that set, i alos had to change the ram timings a bit in bios. the problem was that i reset my bios after my video card fan went out, and i forgot about it. i put the 2 sticks back in reset the 2T timings thing, but i forgot to change the ram timings. SO im not sure if the crusial has given out, or i need to change the timings back. The problem is someone told me what to change the timings to and i have forgotten. COuld someone give me some info on what to set the ram timings to so i can get them both to work together again. thanks guys.