Hi there,
I've recently bought a sony vaio CW series with the following specs:
core i5 m 520 @ 2.40ghz
4gb ddr 3 ram
nvidia geforce gt 330m gpu
300gb hdd

I know an i5 is a lot for a laptop and all, but i'm only getting 2 hours battery. I would just buy a 2nd battery but they're almost £100 each!!

I've put the screen on the dimmest settings, and pressed power saver options as my power saver type.
I really don't know what else to do since i really need more juice.
Wifi and bluetooth are off too!!
what do i do??

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  1. What battery life does the spec claim ?

    If it's much more than 2 hours I'd take it back to the dealer and start talking about Trade Descriptions Act 1968 and see if they cough up a free replacement battery.
  2. I've got a new 2011 model Sony Vaio laptop, and the battery life is about 2 hours on the power save setting (middle setting of 3) with the screen brightness set at about 50%
  3. How long does the battery last when its power saving setting #1?
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