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So to start, its a dell inspiron 8600. When the computer stays on for I would say about 5-7 minutes, the backlight suddenly goes out. I figured it would be the inverter board going out. So I got a replacement, things seem to run smoothly. Then about 4 days later, the light goes out again. I figured maybe a connection went loose so I opened the screen and checked the connections, but no issues with the connections. Then I noticed that right when the backlight does go out, I turn it off and turn it back on and the backlight starts working again. I'm currently passing through 7 minutes and the backlight hasn't gone out yet! If anyone has insight let me know. I'm going to try reseting video drivers also to see if that fixes the issue.

Also, noobish question, how do you attach a screenshot to posts? I'm trying to attach the inverter board photo for ye guys
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  1. To add screenshots post them to PhotoBucket or your Facebook page and add a link to those within the post.

    I run the risk of being accused of thinking that every screen problem is capacitor failure but you might want to read the longish post on that topic at:
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